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New 60-Round AR-15 Magazine by ATI

New 60-Round AR-15 Magazine by ATI

American Tactical has leaped into the high capacity magazine game with both feet. The new 60 round magazine will hopefully be as big of a hit as their precision rifle frames. The key to any magazine is functionality. Thorough testing will show the level of functionality.  We are fascinated when it comes to military testing of magazines because of the insane level of funding they have. I personally love seeing innovation and hope to see good results when testing time comes.  To date we have our own favorite magazines. Since we now carry class III automatic weapons we have been able to test magazines some what thoroughly. For the AR15, the Magpul M3 windowed pmag or non-windowed magazine is king. For the Glock, stay stock. For our automatic Glocks, the only magazines that function flawlessly are the stock magazines and the extended Glock stick magazines.


From American Tactical . . .

American Tactical Offers New S60 Polymer Magazine

(Summerville, SC ) – American Tactical, US manufacturer and world-wide importer of firearms, ammunition and tactical equipment, is proud to offer the new S60 Polymer Magazine.

American Tactical is committed to bringing consumers unique and exciting new products of the highest quality at an affordable price. The latest offering in their broad product lineup is the Schmeisser S60 polymer stick magazine. Chambered in 5.56/.223 for the AR-15/M4 platform, the S60 is the world’s first patented 60-round polymer stick magazine. It’s the perfect accessory for hunters, sportsmen and shooting enthusiasts.

The S60 (ATIM556S60) began shipping this week and is available for purchase here. MSRP is $69.95.










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About American Tactical:

American Tactical is both an American manufacturer and a world wide importer of firearms, ammunition and tactical equipment to the United States of America. Offering customers a broad range of shooting sports and defense products, they search the globe to bring the best quality and prices to buyers. In addition, they manufacture many products in the United States to offer American-made options in their vast product lineup.