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Arsenal Firearms AF-1 (Strike One) Semi-Automatic Pistol

Arsenal Firearms AF-1 (Strike One) Semi-Automatic Pistol

The Arsenal Firearms AF-1 may become the next standard-issue sidearm for Russian military forces moving forward.

An Italian-Russian joint venture under the Arsenal Firearms brand label has introduced a new hammerless, lightweight polymer semi-automatic pistol in 2012 known as the AF-1 “Strike One”. Design is attributed to Nicola Bandini and Dimitry Streshinsky and incorporates several notable patented features into the final product.

The AF-1 sports a steel and reinforced polymer frame construction and low-profile slide. The slide is granted both front and rear grip areas for cocking the weapon. Sights are available in fixed or adjustable varieties. The hand grip displays a good deal of ergonomically-minded texturing for firm control when handling and firing. Listed dimensions of the AF-1 include an overall length of 210mm and a 128mm-long, cold-hammered barrel. A combat version of the weapon is offered with slightly smaller dimensions for improved compactness as well as a lighter overall carrying weight. The AF1 is given a right-side ejection port and a patented ambidextrous “push-button” magazine release. The angled magazine is inserted into the base of the pistol grip in the usual way and can house up to seventeen 9x19mm cartridges in a staggered column arrangement. Beyond the base 9x19mm Parabellum chambering there are also forms for 9×21 IMI, .357 SIG and .40 S&W. The AF-1 is of Single-Action Only (SAO). The frame features an under-barrel section of Picatinny rail for supporting a tactical light or aimer accessory. The line is available in several colors to suit buyer taste including Ordnance Black, olive green and desert tan.

Arsenal Firearms markets the AF-1 as one of the fastest semi-automatic shooters on the market thanks to its short firing pin release/short-recoil operated action utilizing an inline barrel operation with patented locking block arrangement (recoil-operated drop). Several integral safety features have been implemented including a patented automatic safety trigger and automatic firing pin safety.

It has been stated that the AF-1 may make up the new sidearm of the rearming Russian Armed Forces.


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