For access to Dealer pricing on this site:  Because our main source of sales is firearms, we require a valid class 01+ FFL (federal firearms license) be maintained at all times during the life of your account. To start the process please create an account below, then Fax or email us your FFL license for Dealer Access. Please put “Account Creation” somewhere on the email/fax. Once you have created your account and we have verified your FFL,  a salesperson will update your account for access to our Dealer Pricing. Once your account has been updated, when you log-in using the Username and Password we provide, you will be able to access dealer pricing. If your Dealer account has not been activated within 72 hours please contact Anthony’s customer service.

To get access to Anthony’s dealer pricing follow these instructions:
2. Email us your Class 01+ FFL License: Subject “Account Creation” to [email protected]