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Do Guns Kill People or Do They Save Lives?

Do Guns Kill People or Do They Save Lives?

More often than not, firearms save lives. However, due to the fact that our media is so often anti-gun, the positive aspects of self-protection often goes unreported.  The fact is that a firearm used appropriately by a trained individual can level the playing field when such an individual is faced with the threat of physical confrontation neither sought or expected, that c could result in his or her imminent grave bodily harm.

Most citizens believe believe that the police are a buffer between criminals and society. However, evidence has shown that most often the police are reactive only when they receive a report of prior or ongoing criminal acts. That being said, it’s fair to say most law abiding citizens have a false sense of security and are unprepared for true criminal aggression. The “trained” law abiding citizen has a better than even chance of survival when face with the brutality of a violent criminal attack.  This is made possible by having the self protection and self defense skills provided through firearms training. It’s important to highlight the fact that a firearm is just a tool that can be used appropriately or inappropriately just like any other tool. It really is a matter of intent of the individual, no matter what the tool is. Without adequate preparation, any tool is valueless, or worse possibly dangerous. As we are learning today even tools that no one previously thought could be dangerous, have been used to damage people and institutions. Specifically, take a computer as example.

Most of us remember when the computer first came out. Who would have thought that a computer technician could be dangerous? Today there is little doubt about the power that such skills can have in the wrong hands. Computer hackers have become a thread to the very fabric of society. For example, power facilities, financial facilities, and military and law enforcement agencies.

A firearm does not have independent aggressive action because it does not have conscious thought. Therefore a gun cannot shoot anyone or “go off” unless there is someone who misuses it’s capabilities.

Throughout recorded history, society has produced numerous deadly situations and lethal tools. Oftentimes, the people with the weapons were the source of power and the people without them were their victims. Firearms neither increased nor diminished human’s ability to destroy one another, but did allow average people to prepare for individual defense. The invention of firearms did not alter human beings’ violent propensities. No one and no entity has the right to legislate away from us our rights to protect ourselves and our loved ones.









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