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Facebook Deletes Our Business Page In Efforts To Censor Ammo Giveaways

Facebook Deletes Our Business Page In Efforts To Censor Ammo Giveaways

Update: Last week Facebook deleted our business page. We lost 45,000 followers have not been told why. Our guess is it was due to our weekly 22 ammunition give a ways.

We know most of you love our giveaways, so rest assure, we have no plans on stopping them anytime soon. Ammunition giveaways will resume on our website linked above.

We want to get the word out about this, and want people to be aware of how easily their community can be erased. Not only did Facebook remove our business page, but they also blocked our personal accounts, multiple times, from posting anything for countless amounts of days. They also did the same for anyone who was an Administrator or Moderator of the Page – Members of the support team, who generously volunteer their time to help users, have been shut out as well. Our response to this is clear; we will not comply with any censorship nor will we waiver in our daily 2nd Amendment support.

“We will not waiver in our daily 2nd Amendment support.” 


Our business page was fully restored 10-15-16. We were told it was removed by accident. We are thrilled to have it restored. We were also asked if we would conduct our week ammunition giveaways on our website instead of on Facebook.  So far everyone has agreed this was a small price to pay to have our online community back.  We now host the ammo giveaways, you can enter here.