Anthony’s Firearm Warehouse ships firearms only to licensed gun dealers with a valid class 01+ FFL license. FFL stands for Federal Firearms License. A FFL holder is needed to accept the transfer of the firearm(s) you are purchasing. You can contact your local FFL holder by phone or email to discuss the transfer. Some examples of FFL holders are gun shops, gunsmiths, pawnshops, and firing ranges. If you have problems locating an FFL holder in your area, submit information below for assistance. The receiving dealer will do the background check and then transfer the firearm(s) over to you. Transfer fees vary, so you may want to shop around to different dealers for the best price.  The national average is $15-$30. If your local dealer charges any more than this, you should also submit the information below.

If you already have a local dealer or for first time customers, please ask your dealer ask them to fax their FFL license attention the customers last name. Please ask them to write your name on or with the FFL.  You will need to verify with the FFL that the item you are buying is legal for you to own and discuss doing the transfer for you prior to choosing them & placing the order.   We do not contact the dealer for you.


What FFL Dealers Are Near Me?