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Giffords Gun Control Group Releases Scorecard Gauging Gun Control Progress

Giffords Gun Control Group Releases Scorecard Gauging Gun Control Progress

BY KRISTY MUIR | FEB 22, 2019 |

Giffords law center, owned by Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly, is the main source of anti-firearm ownership bills seen in America today.  The group just released their annual “rating” of the progress of gun restriction laws throughout the United States by rank.  By looking at the graphic above you can see, in their opinion, just where your state lands in gun restrictions progress.  The group goes on to boast they remain a main factor pushing for universal background checks, ending private sales of firearms, and ERPO’s.  The most troubling of all the dis-information provided on Giffords website is the ERPO. ERPO is an acronym for ‘extreme risk prevention order’.  These ERPO’s, originally created by Giffords group, enable the state to remove your firearms and/or your conceal carry license at a family members or law enforcements request.  They would petition the court for a ERPO that would remove your guns and/or conceal carry license without you being there or in other words, without due process.  The article ends with the promise that their “work is far from over”.  The top of Giffords website reads:

 “The evidence is clear — States with the stronger gun laws have lower gun death rates, year after year.”

By our count 22 states rank as “F”, which many of them are constitutional carry states.  As you can guess the “F” should stand for fantastic but otherwise we would argue the grading scale to be completely backwards.  The assessment lists those states with the strictest gun law states with the highest grades,  which many of you would agree if you cannot defend your own self and/or property, how safe are those states really?

Towards the bottom Giffords provides comments on the “progress” each state is making in restricting the right for citizens to keep and bare arms.  They list Mississippi as the worst state for gun reform…

Mississippi has the weakest gun laws in the nation, the fifth-highest gun death rate, and earned an F yet again on the Gun Law Scorecard. The state exhibits a reckless disregard for the safety of its residents by failing to require a background check for private party transfers, as well as failing to regulate assault weapons, unsafe handguns, and bulk firearm purchases. Mississippi’s already poor gun laws have grown continually weaker in recent years, not only threatening the lives of Mississippi residents, but endangering residents of other states when guns from Mississippi are trafficked across state lines.

Giffords group boasts they’ve made the most progress in Florida.  They list Florida as “Most Improved”

After the Parkland massacre in February 2018, Florida enacted an extreme risk protection order law, a higher minimum age for buying firearms, and stronger waiting periods. This drastic improvement to the state’s previously very weak gun laws resulted in Florida raising its grade from an F to a C-, the biggest improvement in the Scorecard this year. Vermont also made great strides in its gun safety policies in 2018, enacting background checks and other reforms, and receives an honorable mention as the second-most improved state. Both states still have a long way to go to protect their residents from gun violence, but have taken respectable steps in the right direction.

If you want to see the dis-information for yourself or to see where your state lands on their backwards scale feel free to visit their website here.