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IWI US Introduces Bullpup Shotgun—Tavor TS12

IWI US Introduces Bullpup Shotgun—Tavor TS12

 Introduced by the Pennsylvania-based subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), the Tavor TS12 is the companies first  shotgun and Casey Flack, CEO of IWI US, says they wanted to introduce something unique to the market: a 15-shot self-loading scattergun that is just under 29-inches long overall.


IWI US Introduces Bullpup Shotgun—Tavor TS12

“The TS12 is; compact, easy to use and maintain, and with a large magazine capacity, it is ideal for home defense, as well as a sporting shotgun,” Flack said.

The Tavor TS12 uses a trio of 5-shot (using 2.75-inch shells) tubular magazines that automatically loads the next round in the 3-inch chamber when the mag is rotated into place. When using 3-inch shells, the capacity drops by one shell in each mag. The 18.5-inch barrel is threaded for Benelli or Beretta chokes and one is included. Weight empty is advertised as being 8 pounds. Which is fairly light, but we would argue the term “compact”. The shotgun includes a one-piece Picatinny top rail and M-Lok slots on the forward handguard. The ambi design allows the user to swap out for left or right controls and ejection.

There are a growing number of bullpen 12 gauges out there.  However, when it comes to a mass produced semi-auto high capacity 12 gauge could make the TS12 a very interesting gun. The TS12 will be offered first in black with olive and flat dark earth models to follow. Due to the integrated pistol grip, the bullpup shotgun is rather tall, at just over 10-inches from the bottom of said grip to the top of the rail, and adding optics would increase that metric.


Tavor TS12 Specifications:

Gauge: 12GA/ 3″ chamber
Weight: 3.6 kg (mag empty) / 8 lbs.
Barrel Length:  47 cm / 18.5″
Overall Length: 720 cm (not including choke) / 28.34″
Height: 260 mm / 10.23″ (from pistol grip to top)
Magazine: Tubular system, 15 rounds total capacity (five 2.75″ or four 3″)
Choke: Internal muzzle threads / Benelli / Beretta Type (one choke included)
Picatinny Rail:  one-piece, full-length 1913 standard top rail
Safety: Cross-bolt safety

MSRP: $1,399

Last November, IWI US made the announcement they are moving to a larger location to allow increased space for manufacturing and warehousing, Flack said it was for the new 7.62x51mm Tavor 7 AR and Masada pistol as well as an “exciting entry” at the time still under wraps. Looks like the wraps are off.





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