The National Rifle Association Museums are getting a new addition thanks to Jesse James, who is donating a rare 1911 pistol that took him almost two years to make.

The Damascus Cisco 1911 is a .38 Super pistol forged with Damascus steel. Equipped with a side-mounted red dot sight, compensator and oversized cocking handle, the pistol not only does the job but it looks the part. The ornate 1911 features a swirling wood-like design full of intricate nuances that pay tribute to James’ unique style.

The NRA Museums will be gifted the Damascus Cisco 1911, serial number 001, as well as a spare magazine and custom-built wooden display box.

Though the NRA is receiving the very first of the Damascus pistols, James intends to offer a limited run to consumers. Collectors clambering to add the stylish, custom-built 1911 to their arsenal can do so for $85,000.

Gun enthusiasts who aren’t ready to pony up that kind of cash can check out the NRA’s model at the National Firearms Museum’s Artistry in Arms Exhibition later this month.

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