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Liberty Suppressors Announces Affordable New 762HR Suppressor

Liberty Suppressors Announces Affordable New 762HR Suppressor

Liberty’s just announced their new $400 762HR (hunting rifle) suppressor intended as an effective, affordable can for hunters and recreational shooters. Here’s their press release:

Liberty Suppressors is proud to announce the release of our latest silencer design, the 762HR, a centerfire rifle silencer.

The 762HR was design specifically for the hunting and recreational shootingcommunities. It is 6” inches long by 2” in diameter with a mixture of metals that is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

The 762HR was designed from the ground up to solve the biggest problem of rifle silencers, which is cost. We evaluated the usage of a hunting rifle silencer and found that almost no one who uses their suppressor for hunting also use it for hard use 556 SBR applications, it is literally two different camps of shooters.

For those shooters that require a hard use 556 suppressor we have several options for them. NOW though, we also have something that is effective for hunting that doesn’t break the bank!

Liberty Suppressors Silencers

We found that a good stainless steel core will last many thousands of rounds just fine in normal use and there is no need to add costly super alloys if they are not needed. So by eliminating these, we have been able to get our costs much lower and therefore pass those savings on to you!

Finally, we wavelok engaged the tube to the core to do two jobs at once, prevent tubespin and to radially vent the high pressure gasses, thereby lowering the exit energy and reducing First Round Pop. All this is wrapped in a Type C Cerakote finish for good looks and durability.

Get yours today by clicking here.

The 762HR has an MSRP of $400.

About Liberty Suppressors:

Liberty Suppressors is a family owned, Georgia based silencer company that has pioneered many concepts in the industry. Liberty Suppressors offers a full line of silencers for everything from 22LR up to 458 SOCOM.

Liberty Suppressors can be found on the web at and by phone at 706-661-6911.

General Specifications:

Length: 6″
Diameter: 2″
Weight: 21 oz.
Aprox. Reduction: 30dB
Finish: Type C Cerakote
Barrel length restriction: 16″ all calibers (except where noted)

This silencer covers all the usual rifle calibers, such as:
308WIN and all it’s derivatives
30-06 and all it’s derivatives
7.62x39mm (12″ and longer”
300BLK (no barrel restrictions on this caliber only)
223 REM and such