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Media Silenced Coverage of Officer Stopping Potential School Shooter

Media Silenced Coverage of Officer Stopping Potential School Shooter

Officer Mark Dallas “charged” after a young gunman fired at him at Dixon High School in Illinois, officials said. They added that the officer shot and wounded the potential killer.

The Chicago Tribune identified the suspect as 19-year-old Matthew Milby, a former student at the school, about halfway between Davenport, Iowa and Chicago.

Suspect Matthew Milby reportedly fired several gunshots inside the school, drawing Dallas’ attention.

“Why isn’t this all over the news? News isn’t just what happens, it’s what doesn’t happen.” – Greg Gutfield, Fox News “The Five”.

Gutfeld said that the story must not have “fit the narrative” the mainstream media tries to portray about protagonists with guns and self-defense.

He said it is because “the truth is revealed… [a person] can save lives by actually protecting people.”

Gutfeld called the reporting an example of the way the “press uses silence” to push an agenda, “selectively, to produce one story angle.”

Watch the full video here: