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Nationwide Pro-Second Amendment Student Walkout will be Held May 2nd

Nationwide Pro-Second Amendment Student Walkout will be Held May 2nd

On March 14, 2018, students walked out of their classes demanding more gun control.  Left-wing politicians and the media heaped praise on the kids for using their First Amendment right to protest our Second Amendment right.

Teachers and school administrators refused to discipline the students for the walk out.  They claimed that the lack of discipline wasn’t because the students shared the same anti-gun belief as themselves, they said that they didn’t punish the students because they were just exercising their rights on a topic they believed was important the country.

Many people on the right wondered if the students were pro-life or other issues that were important to the right if the administration would be as understanding.  It looks like we will get to find out.

On May 2, 2018, students from over 200 schools will stage the “Stand for your Second” walkout for 16 minutes in support of the Second Amendment.

Will Riley, a senior at Carlsbad High School in Carlsbad, New Mexico, organized the walkout. The student’s idea is to show that the media have been dishonest about young people’s beliefs.

“The media’s depiction of my generation as anti-Second Amendment is nothing less than lying by omission,” the 18-year-old student told me. “There are two sides to every story, and the mainstream media is trying hard to make sure only one is heard.”

Riley also believes even though that some students might be pro-gun control on their own fruition other were influenced by the well-funded anti-gun groups such as Moms Demand Action and the Brady Center.

“I think that while some students have more developed views that may be pro-gun control,” Riley told Ammoland. “Many of them turned to that solution in the wake of the tragedy at Parkland due to the well-funded presence of Anti-Constitution activists.”

The student activist was also able to pressure his school administration to allow the walkout since they let the anti-gun protest take place at the school.

“The school administration is allowing us to do it,” said Riley. “Since they allowed the anti-constitution walkout. However, there has been resistance in other places.”

Some on the left have attacked Riley and the movement as a whole while claiming that no one can attack David Hogg because he is a student.  KRQE reported that Riley doesn’t hunt or shoot.  This report is a claim that Riley denies.

Riley admits that he isn’t the biggest shooter in the world and that he only occasionally hunts, but he does do both.  What these left-wing media outlets don’t understand is that a person that stands up for our rights even if they don’t practice the rights themselves is still doing noble and just thing.

According to the organizers of the walkout, the list of schools participating is growing every day.  Even though there have been attacks on the legitimacy of the walkout and some resistance the students are undeterred.

More information about the walkout can found below.