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Nationwide Reciprocity passed the U.S. House. Next comes the U.S. Senate

Nationwide Reciprocity passed the U.S. House. Next comes the U.S. Senate

The U.S. House on Wednesday easily passed a expansion to carry concealed firearms virtually anywhere in the country.  The final House vote was 231 to 198, with six Democrats in favor of and 14 Republicans against the bill.

The bill is a top priority of the National Rifle Association, which calls it an important step to allow gun owners to travel freely between states without worrying about conflicting state laws or civil suits.

On Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee debated its own response to the shootings in Texas and Nevada and appeared willing to move forward with a background check bill. But Senate leaders seemed disinclined to take up the concealed-carry measure anytime soon.

Gun rights activists celebrated the concealed-carry vote, hailing it as an important step toward victory in a decades-long fight to extend concealed carry and equalize the rules for CCW licensee holders.

Chris W. Cox, the N.R.A.’s executive director, praised the vote as a “watershed moment” for Second Amendment rights.

“This bill ensures that all law-abiding citizens in our great country can protect themselves in the manner they see fit without accidentally running afoul of the law,” he said.

Democrats said the measure would jeopardize public safety and set a dangerous precedent for overriding states’ rights to determine their own laws.

Democrats in the House denounced the decision by Republicans to combine the two bills and fretted that they could force shut a rare window of bipartisanship over guns. Mark Kelly, the retired astronaut and the husband of former Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who was badly wounded in a 2011 shooting in Tucson, called the move “reprehensible.”

**Important Notice**  There are a few more hurdles for this to pass to become law.

Please call your state Senators now and request the honor the CCW license Nationwide.






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