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New Release: Springfield Armory’s All-New Hellcat Micro Pistol

New Release: Springfield Armory’s All-New Hellcat Micro Pistol

The latest addition from Springfield Armory is the new micro compact Hellcat. Springfield has been known for over a decade to be advancing the polymer-framed XD-series pistols.  Within the handgun segment, Springfield is best known today for its popular polymer-framed XD-series pistols. The Hellcat is an all-new, from-the-ground-up design for Springfield. Time will tell, but it may claw its way to the top of this new classification. (see what we did there).

The new Hellcat boasts a very small footprint with only measuring 1-inch wide, 6-inches long, and 4-inches tall. The barrel is 3-inches in length and the whole package weighs just 17.9 ounces for the OSP (Optical Sight Pistol, Springfield’s nomenclatures for its optic-ready models) version, with an empty flush-fit magazine. Yes, with the right holster, this pistol disappears under a t-shirt while boasting a class-leading 11+1 9mm capacity. An extended 13+1 magazine is also included to bump up capacity by an additional two rounds.

Two versions of the new Hellcat are available, one with just iron sights and the OSP version that’s milled for the popular Shield RMS-C footprint with co-witnessed iron sights. Our test pistol is the milled version and we mounted Shield’s RMS-C, which nestled deeply within the slide, just the way it should. So deep, in fact, that the bottom of the lens is almost level with the top of the slide. The low-profile iron sights are visible within the window of the sight and are positioned just above what would be considered lower 1/3 co-witness height. Both models feature the same front sight with a high-vis yellow circle that surrounds a tritium insert and a U-notched rear sight with a white outline… that is easily blacked out with a sharpie.














The iron-sighted version of the pistol features rear serrations that cover the top of the slide, producing more surface area for positive engagement during manipulation. The rear sight has what Springfield refers to a tactical rack design, the rear sight can be used to cycle the slide one-handed against a belt or hard object in the event your support hand becomes disabled.













  1. Hammer Forged Barrel: The 3″ barrel is hammer forged and Melonite™ treated for superior accuracy and durability
  2. Billet Machined Slide: Billet steel and Melonite treated for superior strength and corrosion resistance
  3. Loaded Chamber Indicator: Safely see if there is a round in the chamber
  4. External Extractor: Reliably ejects spent casings round after round
  5. Melonite™ Treated Internals: Critical internal parts are Melonite™ treated for exceptional strength and corrosion resistance
  6. High-Hand Extended Beavertail: Positions your hand closer to the bore axis to control muzzle flip and mitigate recoil
  7. Standard Accessory Rail: Customize your EDC with lights and lasers that fit on a standard accessory rail
  8. Forward Index Point: A forward index point with Adaptive Grip Texture is molded into the frame
  9. Flat Trigger: A flat trigger body with nickel boron coated trigger group creates a consistent trigger pull
  10. Undercut Trigger Guard: the undercut trigger guard creates a more comfortable grip and greater control while firing
  11. Reversible Mag Release: The single-sided magazine release can be reversed for left-handed shooters

Rear serrations run over the top of the slide for quick and easy manipulation and are designed for positive engagement. The Hellcat’s flat trigger body and nickel boron-coated trigger group provide a consistent trigger pull. A full-length guide rod and dual active recoil spring ensure reliable operation and a smooth recoil impulse. The Hellcat also features a textured stand-off device at the muzzle that ensures the pistol will fire when pressed against a target.


The Hellcat offers a paradigm-shifting approach to red dot sight integration for an EDC pistol. Offered in an Optical Sight Pistol configuration, the Hellcat OSP features a seamless cover plate that removes to allow direct mounting of a micro red dot to the slide for the lowest possible profile. The result is a micro-sized pistol weighing in at a mere 17.9 oz. with capabilities previously reserved only for full-size defensive handguns.

Complementing the optic is the U-Dot™ sight system, offered on both the OSP and standard non-optic model. It is made up of a high visibility tritium and luminescent front sight paired with a tactical rack U-notch rear. This provides a quick-to-engage sighting system ready for a wide range of lighting conditions and allows one-handed racking of the slide should the situation demand it. Additionally, the direct mount capability of the OSP allows for co-witnessing of the U-Dot sights with a red dot for ultimate instinctive target engagement.







Make Springfield Armory
Model: Hellcat OSP
Caliber: 9mm
Barrel Length: 3 in., hammer forged
Overall Length: 6 in.
Magazine Capacity: 11 rds. flush, 13 rds. extended
Weight Unloaded: 17.9 oz
MSRP: $600