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Dear esteemed customers, due to a number of factors shipping times may vary.
Our standard shipping time is 2 - 4 days. Currently 35.5% of orders ship within 1 - 3 days; 46% of orders ships between 3 - 6 days; and 18.5% ships within 6 - 15 days.
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New Website Gets Unexpected Upgrades

New Website Gets Unexpected Upgrades

We are very excited to announce the launch of our totally revamped, re-infused 3.0 website. The web address remains the same, but everything else has been completely overhauled and updated in our quest to better serve you- our valued customers.

Last month we unveiled our all-new site: cleaner, more interactive, dynamic, and mobile friendly. Connect with our various social media accounts, read our informative blog posts, learn about our products, get a complimentary list of FFL dealers in your area, our new website features a spectrum of functionalities for our customers.

Connecting with our customers is among our highest priorities. We want you to give our new site a try to enable us to provide you with the highest level of service our company has been famous for almost a decade. To keep the web interface running smoother over a larger audience, we had to upgrade nearly every hardware component in our system. We host our website (in house). We also own & maintain our own servers, so upgrading can be expensive even on a company budget, however, Anthony’s higher ups insisted that providing a solid platform for the years to come to be essential to survival. Upgrades include 16 core dedicated 3.7GHz server upgrade + 64gb ram purchase and (2) 2TB WD Gold HD’s. Phone Server has also been upgraded to the old website server. This upgrade allows us to be seamlessly fast across all devices.

Anthony’s Firearm Warehouse has maintained a frontline web presence for over 8 years, and this upgrade is the latest iteration of that important aspect of our business.

You can now also search our warehouses much easier!

When viewing pistols, revolvers, rifles, or any other category you can now narrow the search down by manufacturer. For example, this allows you to see all “Smith & Wesson Revolvers” or even all “Mossberg Shotguns”.

This change originated as a suggestion from a long time customer. We want you to know we rely heavily on customer feedback and we strongly believe everything can be improved.

Our Promise to You:
• Layaway orders cost the same as cash orders
• No Credit Card Fee’s
• Money back Guarantee
• Shipping is always $8.99
• Sales tax is waived in most states
• Purchase friendly financing up to $3,500

Take a look around. We have expanded. Please let us know your experience.

Anthony's Firearm Warehouse