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Ruger Releases the Mid-Sized Security-9 Pistol

Ruger Releases the Mid-Sized Security-9 Pistol

Built around a one-piece, precision-machined aluminum chassis with full length guide rails, the Security-9 also sports a four-inch barrel; tips the scales at 23.7 ounces with an empty magazine; and measures 7.24 inches in overall length and five inches in height.

The Secure Action used in the Security-9 is the same as the LCP II, Ruger says. It’s derived from a hammer-fired LCP fire control system, combining the trigger pull of the LCP with “the short, crisp feel and positive reset of a single action.” The safety features included here are a bladed trigger safety, external manual safety, neutrally balanced sear and a hammer catch to stop the hammer from contacting the firing pin unless you pull the trigger.

“The Security-9 is a yet another example of what we do best here at Ruger: deliver new products to the market that combine innovation and value,” Ruger President and CEO Chris Killoy said in the press release. “We expect our customers are going to be excited to buy the Security-9; they will definitely enjoy shooting it.”

Shipping out with two alloy steel magazines and a cable locking device, the gun has a suggested retail price of $379.

For more, go to and watch the video below.

Just a few days before Christmas, Ruger released its new EC9s. Now with the year winding to a close, the Connecticut-based gun maker is dropping yet another pistol: the Security-9.