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Sig M400 ‘Tread’ Here’s our initial thoughts

Sig M400 ‘Tread’ Here’s our initial thoughts

AUTHOR: Kristy Muir

 September 6, 2019

When purchasing a firearm there’s a lot to consider and even more to choose from. Cost vs. quality seems to be the biggest dilemma that most firearm buyers struggle with. How do you decide? I can tell you this, the less you know the easier the decision is. Why do I say that? Because the devil is always in the details. The more you inspect the details, the more you will learn. So I get the question a lot, which entry level rifle is the best? And before I answer, let me preface the answer with a statement. This answer is surely to be different from everyone you ask. My answer? If building isn’t for you and budget is a factor I recommend the Sig M400 “Tread” model. The weight on the entire rifle is very impressive for the features. The barrel is 416R stainless which are accurate and resists rust to a degree. The bolt is staked perfectly as is the nut on the buffer tube. Staking is very important in the reliability/dependability department. The lower is pre-made to be sling QD mount ready. The controls are enhanced with ambi-magazine releases, plus an oversized bolt release. The flash hider is also clearly upgraded that is Sig QD suppressor ready. . All this in one package for $799, to me, is an easy choice for its price. The commercial competition is miles behind this rifle. For the extra $100-$200 I recommend you buy something with the mindset of keeping it the rest of your life and be worth keeping that long at the same time.

If you want one, we got 25 units in today. Available Here: