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West Virginia House Passes Concealed Carry Bill On College Campuses

West Virginia House Passes Concealed Carry Bill On College Campuses

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Today, February 28th 2019, West Virginia House passed a bill to allow people with concealed weapon permits to carry guns on college campuses. This is for individuals 21+ with a valid conceal carry permit.

Lawmakers approved the measure by a vote of 59-41 Wednesday night after more than three hours of debate. It now moves to the Senate.

Mason County Republican Delegate Jim Butler’s bill has drawn strong opposition from students, schools, and educators. It allows for colleges to ban firearms from stadiums with more than 1,000 seats, daycare centers and campus law enforcement buildings.

Proponents such as ourselves say the bill will make campuses and individuals safer.

Opponents said the before constitutional carry became law that West Virginia would become the “wild west”. Today, the law has been in effect May 24, 2016. Since the law went into effect not much has changed throughout the state aside from the individuals right to protect themselves was made easier.

The right to protect oneself should not stop at the college gates. Opposers said West Virginia would become the Wild West if Constitutional carry passed. Then it became law, and nothing changed. Good job conceal carriers!  – Tony Pustovarh, Director of Operations Anthony’s Firearm Warehouse.

The National Conference of State Legislatures says 10 other states allow for conceal carrying on colleges campuses.