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Why are Kel-Tec Products So Hard to Get?

Why are Kel-Tec Products So Hard to Get?

There are two main reasons why Kel-Tec products are hard to come by. #1 Thier small facility,  and #2 and most obvious reason for the inflated price of the popular models is simple supply and demand. Kel-Tec just isn’t making the popular models fast enough to keep up with the demand from customers. The same can be said for their PMR-30 pistol or KSG shotgun and several of their other products. It basically comes down to the fact that the folks running Kel-Tec refuse to go into debt in order to increase their production capacity. Because today’s demand for their products could vanish the moment they take out a big loan, they’ve decided to wait until they have the cash on hand before doing any major expansions. We have been told Kel-Tec is building more facility and hiring more staff, but this policy slows expansion plans dramatically, further contributing to the lack of supply of their more popular products.

So there you have it; there’s no conspiracy or secret plot to artificially drive up the market price on the popular models. It’s just the result of simple economic principles at work. I’m not saying you should buy one… I’m not even saying you should like them, but with products like the Sub-2000, is a truly unique way of setting the company apart from the rest. After spending some time with one, I definitely understand the appeal, I have to admit that I might be tempted to join the scores of buyers paying 25% over retail. It was one of the funner guns I have shot this year! Most of Kel-Tec products can be found regularly on websites like Gunbroker and Guns America.